Hey there, Do you use Google adwords for your business marketing campaigns? Today we are going to be creating a Performance Max Campaign Solutions 8 style!! If you have a business that you need to generate sales or leads, this video will help you create killer performance max campaigns step by step. It is the Ultimate Guide! ➡️ A performance Max Campaign will automatically test and optimize your ads for you, and even helps you out in finding your exact audience. I will show you the exact steps to use Google Ads to keep track of your leads (it only takes a few minutes to set up). Then I will go through the rest of the process for setting up the campaign– everything from the campaign name to the lead parameters. ➡️ Watch the video to learn everything you need to know about creating a Performance Max Campaign that generates the leads you need. Click here >>> https://bit.ly/3OBJExc Cheers Perry M 78 Road St, NYC =============== Click here to Unsubscribe. https://forms.gle/XqUA6zg28S3mCSw39

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