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Address: 401, Raheja Plaza, 15/B, Shah Industrial Estate, Off Andheri Link Road, Andheri (West), Mumbai

Phone No: 022-40620100 / 66960181

Website:  https://www.mms-india.in

Email Address: apply@mms-india.com

About the Company :

MMS Maritime (India) is an ownership company which is managing vessels for its Japanese Owner Meikai Marine Services. Company has more than 100 strong fleet of Tankers, LPG LNG Carriers, Container ships and Bulk Carriers. It is one of the Best companies in India for Seafarers to work with. Being an ownership set up company operates its vessels in a very professional way at the same time taking good care of Seafarers. 

Fleet Type :

The company is involved in the operations of various tankers and container vessels. The tank vessel fleet includes gas tankers (LNG, VLGC), oil tankers (VLCC, AFRA Tankers, (VLGC ad LNG Vessels), oil vessels (VLCC’s, AFRA, LR, & MR), oil and chemical (MR) and the container fleet includes large vessels of about 9000-10000 TEUs.

As most of their ships are Japanese built, ships are well maintained are easy to work for Seafarers. Most of the ships are loaded with latest technology and are equipped with electronic engines.

Salary of Officers & Crew :

MMS Maritime gives one of the best salary packages in the industry for Senior Officers, Junior Officers & Crew. Company is very transparent with their salary packages and there is no bargaining on that. There is no hidden salary, all wages are paid on time (before end of the month) and before sign off all wages are cleared.

For crew, ITF wages, extra overtime, Hatch cleaning allowance, Tank cleaning allowance, Scavenge & Boiler cleaning bonuses are also provided separately. Overall MMS Maritime provides one of the BEST terms and conditions for the seafarers. 

Food Quality :

Food quality on MMS Maritime ships is excellent. For Indian manning ships, Indian cook & GS are provided. Victualling allowance is sufficient & company gives all efforts to provide good quality food for onboard employees.

Internet & Entertainment Facilities :

In dry fleet Free internet is not provided, where as in Tanker fleet internet for crew is free for limited time. Although internet is not very costly to purchase on these ships.

100 USD for 200 MB Data, which any seafarer can buy.

For entertainment of crew, company has a clear policy of providing certain items on all of their ships. It includes standard Gym equipment, Table Tennis & smoke room items. Company also provides enough funds to purchase any items for welfare of crew.

Drugs & Alchohol Policy:

Beer  is allowed onboard ships. Two cans of beer  can be issued to seafarer from the bond store every day. Hard liquor is not allowed.

Family Carriage Facility:

Family carriage is allowed for top 4 ranks. Seafarer has to bear the cost of family carriage.

Other Facilities:
  • Health insurance for the family is being provided by the company. Family is covered during leave also. 
  • Life insurance is being provided for the Seafarer while on leave by the company.
Joining & Sign Off:

Joining is very smooth and there are very minimum induction formalities. Office staff tries to make it convenient & hassle free. Very good hotel stay is provided for the seafarers in Mumbai. For Senior rank officers 4 star or 5 star hotel is provided.

Company has a very good policy to relieve seafarer on time. They don’t hesitate to sign off from ANY port if contract is completed. Most of the time they do not deny early sign off as well if seafarer requests.

Office Interference:

Office interference is very minimum and is in a positive way. Paper work etc. is also very minimum and streamlined.  Onboard work atmosphere is excellent.

Comments :

MMS is a renowned Brand Name in shipping industry and they try to maintain their reputation. Overall, it is a very good company to work with.

Disclaimer: All views expressed in this website are our personal views based on our own experience or the feedbacks of our readers / associated seafarers. They should not be taken as EXACT comments about the organization. Other people can have different views. If there are any objections to our views by the organization / associated people / Seafarers, that can be brought to our notice & we will consider that. 

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