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Address: 3rd and 4th Floor, South Block, Syndicate Bank Building, 226 B, Rash Behari Avenue, Kolkata

Phone No: 9986071648 / 90070 79816

Website: https://www.mma-stcw.org

Email Address: mmakolkata@gmail.com

Location of the Institute :

Institute is located in the heart of city Kolkata, and very conveniently accessible by Metro, Bus or any other public transportation . In the vicinity of the institute you get almost everything you require as it is in a good locality. There are many eateries nearby and public transport is very easily available. Location of the institute is very good. If you have to stay near the institute for your courses, it will be a pleasant stay.

Infrastructure :

Class room and Institute infrastructure is good. Although class rooms are air conditioned, the condition of classes, office, toilets and dining area is  average.

Education Quality :

One of the best institutes in Kolkata for Post Sea courses. Excellent faculty which includes finest Master Mariners and Chief Engineers. You get a great opportunity to learn from them. This institute is one of the oldest and THE BEST institute when it comes to learning. 

All the Teachers and instructors are very well experienced and knowledgeable. If you want substantial addition in your knowledge, you should consider this institute.

Food Quality :

As per guidelines it is compulsory to eat food provided by the institute in between the course. Lunch & Tea is provided by the institute. Quality and taste of food provided by the institute is good.

During tea breaks you get Tea and Biscuits, which is also good.

Accomodation :

As the location of the institute is very good, you can get good accommodation near the institute at affordable prices. Although institute doesn’t have their own accommodation facility but they help you in getting good accommodation nearby at very affordable rate.

Overall if you choose to stay near the institute, it will be a pleasant experience.

Comments :

There are many advantages of the institute like:

  • Best Faculty & Instructors.
  • Good Locality
  • Easily accessible and well connected.
  • Experienced and good faculty.
  • Office staff well behaved.
  • Fees of the courses is also in affordable range.
  • Food, stay, Infrastructure are good.

The only disadvantage is that all courses are not available in the same institution. You may have to do some courses in the different institute. Please check their website if course is available with them.

Disclaimer: All views expressed in this website are our personal views based on our own experience or the feedbacks of our readers / associated seafarers. They should not be taken as EXACT comments about the organization. Other people can have different views. If there are any objections to our views by the organization / associated people / Seafarers, that can be brought to our notice & we will consider that. 

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