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Address: ‘Debamita’, B.B.T Road, Vill. – Gopalpur,
P.O. Sarkarpool, P.S. – Maheshtala,  Kolkata – 700141, India

Phone No: 9830782955 / 8336911325 / 7596024955

Website: https://www.seiedutrust.com/Home

Email Address: booking@seiedutrust.com

Location of the Institute :

Although institute is located in city Kolkata, however it’s location is almost in the outskirts of the city. It is far from almost everything & it is difficult to reach here. Area around the institute almost rural in nature that is why it is not very happening. Basic needs things are available near the institute. Doing course from the institute can be comfortable but staying near the institute will not be pleasurable. 

Infrastructure :

Class room and Institute infrastructure is good. Although class rooms are air conditioned, the condition of classes, office, toilets and dining area is average.

Education Quality :

Most of the instructors and teachers are good. Way of teaching is comparatively better. Although learning of the subject is limited, faculty is good and their attitude is friendly. Many good Master Mariners & Chief Engineers are teaching there.

Food Quality :

As per guidelines it is compulsory to eat food provided by the institute in between the course. Lunch & Tea is provided by the institute. Food quality is manageable. Tea and biscuits are provided by the institute during the tea break.


Accomodation :

If you want to stay near the institute, you can get accommodation. Charges are as follows.

AC Room – 1000 Rs. Per day without any meals.

Dormitory – 300 Rs. Per day with dinner included.

NON AC Room – 700 Rs. Per day without any meals.

These accommodations are near the institute and have to be booked separately.

Comments :

Advantage of institute is that you get almost all the courses at reasonable price at one place. Infrastructure, Food, Faculty, behavior of the staff is good and friendly.

Location of the institute is a big disadvantage as it is far from the city and locality is also not upto the mark.

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