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Address: Close to Brace Bridge Station, 1/1, New Taratala Rd, Rampur, Taratala, Kolkata, West Bengal 700088

Phone No: 9831046240 / 9748405990

Website: https://hmikolkata.com/

Email Address: harinathhoontrust@gmail.com

Location of the Institute :

Although institute is located in city Kolkata, however it’s location almost in the outskirts of the city. It is far from almost everything & it is very troublesome to reach here. Area around the institute is mainly industrial in nature that is why it is not lively. Even for basic things one has to go far away from the institute. Location of the institute is a big disadvantage.

Infrastructure :

Class room and Institute infrastructure is very average. Although class rooms are air conditioned, the condition of classes, office, toilets and dining area is very average.

Education Quality :

In most of the courses addition of knowledge is very limited. Quality of instruction is very average. There is hardly any fixed curriculum for the courses. Target is only to pass the exit exams. If you want to learn things then you will be disappointed.

Food Quality :

As per guidelines it is compulsory to eat food provided by the institute in between the course. Lunch & Tea is provided by the institute. They have their own mess where food is cooked. The quality of food and taste is below average. You have to sit and eat in a very crowded eating area. 

During Tea breaks, coupon is provided. You have to again go to the mess room to take tea. Again quality and quantity is below average.

Accomodation :

If you want to stay in the institute, you can get accommodation. Charges are as follows.

AC Room – 900 Rs. Per day without any meals.

NON AC Room – 600 Rs. Per day without any meals.

As told before the location of the institute is in remote area with industries around it, you have to stay only inside the small area of the institute. Fooding will also be a problem as there are no eateries around the institute except their own cafeteria.

Comments :

Advantage of institute is that you get almost all the courses at reasonable price at one place. As far as disadvantages are concerned, almost all other things like Instruction quality, Course content, Learning, Location, Food, Office staff behavior etc. are below average.

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