Tolani Maritime Studies (TMI) is affiliated to Indian Maritime University and is one of the BEST colleges for Merchant Navy related courses. It is located near Pune. This institute is excellent for following courses. All its courses are approved by Director General of Shipping of India.

  1. B.Tech Marine Engineering Course
  2. Diploma in Nautical Science, DNS (Deck Cadet) course
  3. B.Sc. in Nautical Science (Deck Cadet) course
  4. Electro Technical (ETO) course.

Tolani Maritime Institute TMI has established itself in the class of India’s Top Maritime Institutes. Following are some important facts about this Institute:

  1. TMI is approved by Director General of Shipping of India
  2. TMI is affiliated to Indian Maritime University
  3. TMI is owned by Tolani Shipping company, a reputed Merchant Navy company of India.
  4. TMI provides almost 100% campus job placement in reputed shipping companies worldwide.
  5. Excellent infrastructure & world class teaching facilities.
  6. Totally residential institute with very good hostel facilities.

How to get admission in Tolani Maritime Studies (TMI)
Candidates have to appear for following exams to take admission in Tolani Maritime Studies (TMI)

  1. IMU-CET. It is compulsory to pass for admission in TMI.
  2. For ETO course, passing IMU-CET is not required.
  3. Tolani Maritime Studies (TMI) entrance test which is called TMISAT.
  4. Company sponsorship exam. Companies visiting TMI for sponsorship conduct their own exam. Candidate needs to pass their exam in order to secure sponsorship before taking admission.

TMISAT & Companies’ Sponsorship exam, both are tough and you need to prepare well in order to pass this exam. To take admission in TMI you have to clear both the exams.
These Exams are in Three parts :

  1. Written Exam
  2. Psychometric Personality Test
  3. Interview

In written exam part candidates seeking admission in DNS, B.Tech & B.Sc. have to appear for Physics, Mathematics, English and General Aptitude.
Whereas, candidates seeking admission for ETO course have to appear for Electrical Engineering, English and General Aptitude.

How to prepare for TMISAT & Companies’ Sponsorship Exam?

TMI is one of the best Merchant Navy institutes of India. That is why thousands of students appear for their entrance exam every year. Due to large number of candidates appearing every year, selection is tough in this college. You need targeted preparation to secure a good rank and to be sponsored by a good shipping company.

Tips to prepare for TMISAT & Sponsorship Exam:

  1. Physics and Mathematics is of 10+2 standard. You just get previous year question bank and study from your NCERT books. Join online test series to check your performance.
  2. For ETO exam preparation also you need to get previous year questions and separate preparation for Interview.
  3. English & General aptitude is of 10th standard.
  4. Psychometric Personality Test is the KEY to success. Most of the candidates fail in this test only. You need to specially prepare for it. Expert guidance will be of good help.
  5. Interview is the final stage. It also requires preparation as it will help you in TMISAT and in companies’ sponsorship exam also.

Preparation for Psychometric Personality Test & Interview will help you in both TMISAT & in Companies’ sponsorship Exam. Therefore both require special attention to ensure selection.
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