Merchant Navy is a totally different profession than the normal office jobs. It’s a totally different life in the middle of oceans and away from Land. Therefore Merchant Navy professionals are required to have some special personality traits.
To judge those Personality traits, Psychometric Personality Test is conducted by all the reputed shipping companies & Institutes. If you want a job in good shipping company or admission in Top institutes then you have to pass through this test.
Most of the candidates, who wish to join Merchant Navy, get REJECTED because they fail in Psychometric Personality Test. Therefore if you want to join Merchant Navy as officer then you MUST prepare for Psychometric Personality Test .

What is Psychometric Personality Test?

In Psychometric Personality test, questions are of Multiple Choice types. They are designed to measure the behavior of the candidate. All questions are behavior based and are intended to check your personality. In these types of question NO ANSWER is WRONG. You can select any answer of your choice. Then psychological analysis is carried out on your answers to know different aspects of your personality. If your personality suits Merchant Navy requirement, then Companies select you and provide you job.
All the candidates you want to join Merchant Navy in officer Rank are required to pass this exam. Also for the following courses you have to appear for Psychometric Personality Test:

  1. Diploma in Nautical Science
  2. B.Sc. in Nautical Science
  3. B.Tech Marine Engineering
  4. Graduate Marine Engineering (GME)
  5. Diploma Marine Engineering (DME)
  6. Electro Technical Officer (ETO)

How to Prepare for Psychometric Personality test of Merchant Navy?
You must have understood the importance of Psychometric Personality Test. To prepare for this test you must know following tips:

  1. Know the Personality Traits required for Merchant Navy. You must take expert advice for that, i.e. interact with Merchant Navy senior rank officers.
  2. Practice the questions, so that you have an idea what type of questions being asked.

Example of Question: You take pleasure in putting things in order!
Strongly agree
Strongly Disagree

  1. Try to understand what exactly that question is about and then only you answer, so that it matches to the required personality traits.
  2. Don’t give contradictory answers for the similar questions. Similar questions are given to check the consistency.
  3. Practice is the key to success. Therefore practice 5-10 these tests to ensure your success.

To prepare for Merchant Navy Psychometric Personality test under experts guidance whatsapp Marine Republic at 9875305872. Our team of Merchant Navy Captain, Chief Engineer & Psychometric expert will ensure that you succeed. Package starts from Rs. 299 only.

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