Merchant navy is a job on ships which are not used for War purpose.
Here you must know that ships which are involved in War preparation or in the security of a country are called Navy ships. There is a big difference between Merchant Navy and in NAVY.
Merchant navy ships are involved only in commercial activities. The purpose of Merchant navy ships is to move cargo goods & Passengers from one place to another place or from one country to another country. World’s 90% cargo transportation is done by Merchant Navy ships. Without Merchant navy ships there will be almost NO movement of cargo worldwide.
There are big cargo ships as well as small commercial ships also in Merchant Navy.
Examples of Big cargo ships are Bulk carriers, Container ships, Oil Tankers, Car carriers, Passenger ships, Gas carriers etc. These ships transport cargo & passengers from one country to another country. That is why if you work on these ships then you get an opportunity to visit the most of the countries worldwide. At the same time you get a very high salary also .As these ships are huge, they mostly sail through the oceans.

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There are smaller ships also in Merchant Navy which don’t go deep inside the oceans but stay close to coastline. Examples of these ships are offshore supply vessels, DP Vessels, Near Coastal ships, Tugs, Dredgers, Barges etc.  There are huge job opportunities in these type of ships as well. In these ships salary is less than big cargo ships, but there are very good promotional prospects and other benefits in these types of ships.

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