Merchant Navy is a very adventurous and glamorous job which many youngsters want to join. In this job you not only earn a very high salary but also get an opportunity to visit the world.
If you want to become a Marine Engineer and later on a Chief Engineer of Merchant Navy ship, then you have to start your career as Junior Engineer or Trainee Marine Engineer in Engine department. In this article we will explain you how your career graph will rise and what will be your salary at different ranks.
Let us see what are different ranks in Engine Department in officers category.

  1. Chief Engineer Officer – Top Rank officer
  2. Second Engineer Officer
  3. Third Engineer Officer
  4. Fourth Engineer Officer
  5. Junior Engineer/Trainee Marine Engineer – Junior Most officer

Salaries in Merchant navy depend upon types of ship you are working. For example if you are working on Oil Tankers then your salaries will be higher than somebody working on Container ships in the same rank.
Here is an approximate idea of rank wise salaries:

  1. Chief Engineer – 6.5 Lakh to 9 Lakh Rs. Per month
  2. Second Engineer – 5.5 Lakh to 7 Lakh Rs. Per month
  3. Third Engineer – 2 Lakh to 3.5 Lakh  Rs. Per month
  4. Fourth Engineer – 1 Lakh to 2 lakh Rs. Per month
  5. Junior Engineer – 20 thousand to 50 thousand Rs. Per month

To become a Marine Engineer, you have to join as Junior Engineer / Trainee Marine Engineer. Then after some experience and promotion you can move up to another senior rank.

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  1. Junior Engineer to Fourth Engineer – After joining as Junior Engineer you have to work for  6 months on ship as Junior Engineer. After completing this 6 months time you have to pass MEO Class 4 Exam conducted by Government of India. After clearing this exam ONLY you can become Fourth Engineer on Merchant Navy ships. 
  2. Fourth Engineer to Third Engineer – From Fourth Engineer Rank to be promoted to Third Engineer rank you don’t have to give any exam. You can be promoted by your company depending upon your performance and experience. Generally companies promote you after 12 to 18 months work experience.
  3. Third Engineer to Second Engineer – To become Second Engineer you have to pass MEO Class 2 Exam conducted by Government of India. To appear for this exam you must have 12 months experience either as 4th Engineer or as 3rd Engineer. After clearing this exam ONLY you can become Second Engineer on Merchant Navy ships. Promotion depends upon your performance and experience. But you can get promotion only after clearing MEO Class 2 examination.
  4. Second Engineer to Chief Engineer – Chief Engineer is the Top most rank on Merchant navy ships in Engine Department. To become Chief Engineer Officer of Merchant navy ship you MUST clear MEO Class 1 Exam conducted by Government of India. You can appear for this exam after having 18 months experience as Second Engineer. Once you clear MEO Class 1 exam, you can be promoted to Chief Engineer Officer Rank by your company.

Chief Engineer Officer is the highest Rank in Merchant navy. It takes almost 10 years for a Junior Engineer to become Chief Engineer. After that you can continue at this rank till your retirement or you can choose to join any office job as Technical Manager. These office jobs are very easily available for Chief Engineers in Multinational companies worldwide.

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