Merchant Navy Fraud Agents are cheating candidates by taking Lakhs of rupees.

Candidates give them Lakhs of rupees for courses, but agents give them wrong training and fake promises of Job on ship.

Be careful to such Agents and frauds. There are Fraud Institutes which are not recognized by Government.

There are fake Companies also which are cheating candidates by giving them false job promises.

Register with us for just 199 rs. and we promise that no Agent, Institute or Company will be able to cheat you. You can save Lakhs of rupees which you have earned with hard work.

Become our part and Join Merchant Navy in very less money.

Our team will guide you step by step till you get a job in Merchant Navy. Fees is just 199 rs. and you can save Lakhs of rupees.

Fill up the below form and pay the fees of 199 Rs. using Paytm at number 9875305872.

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