Psychometric Personality Test is the main criteria for selection in Merchant Navy related courses in all Top Institutes. Also if you apply to reputed shipping companies either for Job or for Sponsorship, you have to go through the Psychometric Personality Test. It is very critical to pass this test as it is a rejection criteria. If you do not perform well in this test, you will be rejected even if you have scored very high in written exam.
Marine Republic has prepared a 5 practice tests series to prepare a candidate for Psychometric test. At the end of the test, analysis will be done and a report will be sent to the candidate suggesting his strengths and weaknesses. The report will also contain tips to improve the score.
Tests are prepared under guidance of Merchant Navy Captain and Chief Engineer. Their rich experience of Sea Life has helped us in finding the exact personality traits required in a Merchant Navy officer. Practice Questions are framed to find those personality traits in the candidate.
Most of the time candidate fails in Psychometric Personality Test due to lack of practice and misunderstanding of the question. Giving our practice tests will help you in understanding the vocabulary of these type of personality tests, so that candidate does not get rejected unfairly.
Our test series will help to prepare for Top Institutes like:
Anglo Eastern Maritime Academy
Samundra Institute of Maritime Studies
Great Eastern Shipping Company Institute of Maritime Studies
Tolani Maritime Institute
Institute of Maritime Studies Goa
International Maritime Institute, Noida
Applied Research Institute, Delhi
It will be helpful for Reputed Shipping Companies sponsorship exam such as:
Anglo Eastern Ship Management
Fleet Management India Limited
Synergy Maritime
MSC shipping India
Dynacom Tanakers
Bernhard Schulte Shipping Company
V ships India limited
Torm Shipping
Mitsui OSK Lines
Bergesen Shipping
Great Eastern Shipping
Maersk Lines

You can appear for our test series online from your home. We will send you link and password to appear for these tests. After the completion of tests, analysis report will be sent to your email id.

Marine Republic has 2 Packages available for Psychometric Test Preparation:
1. Five Online Tests Series with analysis report and Tips to improve the score
    Cost with Online Discount  1099 Rs.  499 Rs. Only.

2. Five Online Tests Series with analysis report + Discussion and Guidance by our experts:
    Cost with Online Discount 2199 Rs.  990 Rs. Only.

You can pay the amount using Paytm, Phone Pe or Google Pay at 9875305872. After the payment whatsapp your Email Id at 9875305872.

Or, follow below link to pay using Debit / Credit card. The payment portal is fully secured by world’s most reputed payment service PAYPAL.

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