To join Merchant Navy in Officer Category and in Crew category one has to pass through a Medical and Physical Test. This Medical & Physical test is not tough like Indian Navy, but it is very simple and you can pass it easily if you are fit.
In this article we will explain what all things are checked during Merchant Navy Medical & Physical test. These tests are same for both Officer Category and Non Officer Category

Physical Examination:

  1. Height – No minimum height requirement
  2. Weight – No weight requirement, but one should not be overweight. Standard Body Mass Index (BMI) formula is followed.
  3. Chest Expansion – No minimum requirement. One should be healthy.
  4. All types of Tattoos are allowed.
  5. There should have been No major operation in the body.
  6. Previously if any operation has been done, but now everything is fine then you can pass the test. 
  7. Should not be addicted to Drugs or alcohol.

Medical Examination:

  1. Eyesight – For Deck department 6/6 eyesight is required whereas for Engine department 6/12 eye sight is allowed. If one has power then he can go for Lasik Treatment which is allowed.
  2. There should be No color blindness.
  3. Blood Pressure should be normal.
  4. One should not have Piles.
  5. Chest X ray should come clear.
  6. There should not be any kidney stone.
  7. There should not be hearing problems.
  8. One should not be infected with HIV.

Only above things are checked during Merchant Navy Medical & Physical test. Any normally healthy person can pass these tests easily.
If you are a healthy person then you don’t have to worry much about the Medical and Fitness test to join Merchant Navy. You should more concentrate on written and interview part which is tough.
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