These questions are asked frequently asked in the Exit exam of TASCO course conducted by Director General of Shipping. Questions have been compiled as per feedback given by many candidates. You can also contribute by suggesting questions in the comments box.

1. Cargo oil loaded in separate tanks including segregation of cargo lines and pumps with double valve segregation. This type is called.

a)Closed segregation

b) Complete segregation

c)Natural segregation

d)Partial segregation

Answer: b

2.On tankers , emergency pump producing 72 m3/h at __ bar

a) 10

b) 9

c) 7

d) 8

Answer: c

3. The foam monitor of the expansion foam which is laid across the___

a)Cargo deck

b) For castle deck

c) Poop deck

d)Weather deck

Answer: a

4.On tankers the impairment of smell is especially serious when mixtures containing

a) Hydrocarbon

b)Carbon dioxide

c)Hydrogen Sulphide

d) Sulphur dioxide

Answer: c

5.In the vicinity of an electrical storm, tanker cleaning _____

a) May continue providing the tanks are inerted

b)Must be stopped

c)May continue providing the tank venting system is isolated.

d)May continue if tank pressure remains at atmospheric

Answer: b

6.The tank washing machines for crude oil washing shall be ___ mounted and shall be a design acceptable to the administration.




d) Non of the above.

Answer: b

7.____ Tanker is a vessel of size range 50000- 74999 dead weight.


b) Panamax

c) Suesmax


Answer: b

8.Which is almost absent in crude petroleum


b) Naphthens



Answer: c

9.On tanker how many break glass alarm points are located on accommodation?





10.As an emergency measure, the pump rom can be





Answer: a

11.When operating with negative suction head,which of these types of pumps will require priming?





Answer: c

12.During loading operation ullage and temperature measurement equipment is showing low battery, Battery to be replaced

a)Can be replaced on tank area

b) Can be used near manifold area

c) Can be replaced at pump room entrance

d)Can be replaced only inside accommodation

Answer: d

13.Chemical tanker constructed on or after 1st July 1986 must comply with the provision of

a) The BCH code

b) The IGGC code

c) The IBC code

d) The GIC code

Answer: c

14.Whichever method is used , the overboard discharging during de ballasting must be

a)Below the water line

b) Above the waterline

c) No restrictions

d) None of the above

Answer: b

15.Where in each monitored space should the gas detector head be placed in a dedicated oil tanker

a) At the bottom

b) At the top

c) In the center (Vertically)

d) Any point in the space

Answer: a

16.Which of the following is true about dry powder fire extinguisher?

a) You should avoid using them in confined spaces

b) They are the best choice for electrical fires

c) You should only use them in confined spaces

d) There is a black band above them

Answer: a

17. Where only hydrocarbon acid is carried, a detection system is to be provided

a)Hydrogen chloride vapor

b) Hydrogen sulphide

c) Hydrogen peroxide

d) None of the above

Answer: a

18. Which one is used to detect the colour of the petroleum products?


b) Cleveland apparatus

c) Colour comparator

d) None of the above

Answer: a

19 . On tanker,the foam bulk storage tanks contains___ m3 of

  1. 2
  2. 4
  3. 6
  4. 8

Answer: b

20.Many petroleums products , especially the more volatile ones cause ___

a) Dermatitis

b) Skin irritation

c) Skin will disappear

d) Both a and b

Answer: d

21.How is freezing of water in deck seal water is taken care?

a)Adding ethylene glycole

b) Running water

c) Steam coil

d) Running IG continually during cold weather

Answer: a

22. On completion of loading what action needs to be taken by person

a) Close manifold valve fully shut

b) Terminal manifold valve fully shut

c) Close tank valves

d) Close cross over valves

Answer: a

23.In scrubber tower water absorbs ___ more readily at lower temperatures?

a) SO2

b) SO3

c) SO2 and SO3

d) None of the above

Answer: a

24.Fire fighting procedure is same at port or at sea?

a) Same

b) different

Answer: b

25. Onboard tankers in one of the areas sources of ignition are fully controlled

a) Engine room/accommodation

b) Cargo tanks and main deck

c) Bridge

d) All of the above

Answer: d

26.When ship shore safety checklist will be completed

a) During the operation

b) Completion of the operation

c) Prior the operation

d) 1 day before arrival port.

Answer: c

27. Free surface effect will disturb ship’s stability

a) True

b) Falls

Answer: a

28.  What are units of specific gravity

a) Kg/m3


c)No units

d) M3/ tons

Answer: c

29.DPA requires under

a) STCW code


c) MARPOL 73/78

d) ISM  code

Answer: d

30) For gasoline,the flash point (<50C) is determined by the

a)Abel apparatus

b)Saybolt  chromometer

c)Pensky-Marten’s apparatus.

d)none of the above

Answer: c

31)For the best extinguishing effect, the discharge from a dry chemical type fire extinguisher should be directed at the

a)base of a fire

b)top and side of the fire

c)middle of the fire

d)highest flames in the fire

Answer: a

34) Inert gas is produced onboard of ship by

a) an IG generator

b) any of these

c) the auxiliary boiler

d) the main boiler

Answer: b

35) The demister is drained to the scrubber effluent line then the ________must be***************

a)deck seal

b)U seal

c) both a and b

d) none of the above

Answer: c

36)Water extinguishes fire by

Cooling and smothering

37) The aromatic hydrocarbons are




d) all the above

Answer: d

38)Following will not be checked by cargo surveyor prior starting**********


b)cargo sampling

c)temperature of cargo tank

d) operation of gas equipment

Answer: d

39)On tankers, emergency pump producing 72m3/hr at ___bar

a) 10

b) 9

c) 7

d) 8

Answer: a

40)Exposure to Benzene  vapors in high concentration leads to disorders of the ____ and ______

a) skin and eyes

b) blood and bone marrow

c)bone marrow and muscle

d)blood and muscle

Answer: b

41)The low viscosity fog applicator used in conjunction with the all purpose fire fighting should

a)stored in rack when not in actual use

b) attached to the nozzle by the chain

c) coated with heavy grease to prevent corrosion

d)left in place in the all purpose nozzle

Answer: b

42) Smoking onboard can be carried out at places allocated by the _______of the ship

a) C/E

b) master

Answer: b

43) The foam system is operated from the _____room



c) fire control room

d) all the above

Answer: c

45)The engine room is equipped with regular fire hoses and nozzles. What is important to observe when using water is as extinguishing fire in the engine room?

All the above

46)A portable CO2 fire extinguisher is effective on burning oil only _________

  1. If applicable in connection with foam
  2. If attempts to extinguish the fire with low velocity fog have tested
  3. If applicable promptly
  4. To prevent rekindling

Answer: c

47)It is Lowest liquid temperature at which the small flame initiates a flash of flame across the surface of the ……………………….Flammable gas above the liquid?

Flash point

48) Emergency steering test and pre arrival/departure steering test  are requirements under?

SOLAS Chapter V

49) Crude oil is pumped by ______ pump?

Centrifugal pump

50) Flammable mixture of O2 is starts at 15% by volume.


51)Wet oil that has loaded on top (LOT) should not be used for________?

a)Initial discharging

b)Running as drive for  cargo eductor

c)Priming of cargo oil pump

d)Crude oil washing

Answer: d

52Valves not in use should be________?

Secured and lashed shut

53. Washing of cargo tank____ until tests have been made at various levels to establish that the vapor content in any part of the tank is below 10% of LFL


b) Not commence

c) Wait for optimum condition

d) None of the above

Answer: b

54.Nitrousgases(NO and NO2) are present in concentrations of about ____ by volume in inert gas after passing scrubber tower.


b) 0.01

c) 0.02

d) 0.0001

Answer: c

55.Which f the following statements describes the advantage of using a halon free fire extinguisher versus co2 extinguisher

a)Halon cools rather than smother a fire

b) Halon is more efficient than CO2

c) Halon can extinguish combustible metal fire

d) Halon is not toxic and safe to breath under all conditions

Answer: b

56. When taking Ballast on non inerted tanks, following measures to be taken

a) Tank valves are opened last

b) Loading of Ballast at very high rat to prevent oil leaks

c) Tank valves are opened first

d) None of the above

Answer: c

57. The gas regulating valve should be opened very slow in order to

a) The boiler combustion control

b) Maintain correct pressure

c) Maintain correct air/fuel ratio

d) All of the above

Answer: d

58. What is the unit of flow rate

a) Kg.m

b) Kg/m

c) m3/s

d) /s

Answer: c

59.Mast riser fire doesn’t normally occur during

a) Purging

b) Discharging

c) Loading

d) Venting inert gas pressure during normal passage

60. Which type of valves are fitted as suction valve on the inert gas blower fans?

a) Manually controlled butterfly valves

b) Automatic controlled gate valves

c) Automatic controlled butterfly valves

d) Manually controlled gate valves

Answer: c

61. Inert gas pressure indicator from the bridge should come from

a) Aft of non return valve

b) Forward of non return valve

c) In between non return valve and isolation valve

d) Aft of deck seal


62. Prior starting of discharging operation utmost care should be given while filling separator of cargo oil pump to avoid

a) Liquid hammer

b) Cavitation

c) Over pressurization

d) Vacuum

Answer: b

63. Pump efficiency is defined as the ratio of __

a) Pressure to temperature

b) Temperature to pressure

c) Water horse power to pump horse power

d) Pump horse power to water horse power

Answer: c

64.On ships fitted with non-programmable COW machines multistage oil washing is

a) Feasible

b) Not feasible

c) Need skilled person

d) None of the above

Answer: b

65.Temperature of 98% loaded cargo to be measured at____ levels to get accurate temperature for gauging

a) 2Levels

b) 1Lvel

c) 3 Level

d) None of the above

Answer: c

66.Immersion suit donning time without assistance

a) 30 Sec

b) 1Min

c) 3 min

d) 2 min

Answer: d

67.Print out record of computing unit should be retained onboard for

a) 1year

b) Unlimited time

c) 2 Yr

d) 3 yr

Answer: d

68.Flue gases are used directly for inerting?

a) True

b) False

Answer: b

69.What is meant by the term Self ignition temperature

a) The lowest temperature where enough vapors are given off that they will ignite and then go out if an external ignition source is applied

b) The lowest temperature where the vapor given off will automatically ignite without the presence of an external ignition source

c) The lowest temperature that a liquid will start giving off vapors

d) The lowest temperature where enough vapors are given off that they will ignite and keep burning if an external ignition source is applied

Answer: b

70.Which of the following fractions of a crude oil will have the maximum gravity API

a) Diesel

b) Gasoline

c) Atmospheric gas oil

d) Vacuum gas oil

Answer: b

71. In the atmospheric pressure crude distillation, the content of _____ from lighter fraction to heavier ones

a) Sulphur decreases

b) Nitrogen increases

c) Sulphur increases

d) None of the above

Answer: c

72. _____ test is done to find out the softening point of bitumen

a) Flame

b) Impact

c) Ball and ring

d) Viscosity

Answer: c

73.Loading through the pump room is

a) To be avoided

b) Normally the approved way to load slop tank

c) Permissible

d) Done to increase the loading rate

74.Who should prepare the watch schedule during cargo operation

a) Master

b) Second officer

c) Chief officer

d) Chief engineer

Answer: c

75.  On tankers, ____ smoke detectors are located throughout the engine room

a) 33

b) 22

c) 44

d) 55

76.A portable CO2 extinguisher is effective on burning oil only_____

a) If applied in connection with foam

b) If attempts to extinguish the fire with low velocity fog ……

c If applied promptly

d)To prevent rekindling

77.Visbreaking process is mainly used for making

a) Gas oil

b) Crude oil

c) Fuel oil

d) Kerosene

Answer: c

78.Which of the valves listed should be used either in the fully open or fully closed position

a) Needle valve

b) Gate valve

c)Check valve

d) Globe valve

Answer: b

79.If a liquid is filled in space with high vacuum, the liquid moves vigorously and causes a momentary surge pressure. This momentary surge pressure is called_____

A Discharge pressure

b) Pressure surge

c) Differential pressure

d) Liquid hammer

Answer: d

80.In pump rooms and pipe tunnels flame proof electric light fittings are generally fitted this means that

a)The fitting is completely gas tight and non gas can enter into contact with the bulb and electric connections

b) Gas may enter but even if an explosion takes place the fitting is so strong that the explosion will be con…….

c) The electrical supply will disconnect automatically in case of fire

d) Even if fire occurs ,it will not consume the fitting

Answer: a

81.Which of the listed extinguisher agents would be suitable for use on an oil fire , but dangerous on an electrical fire

a) CO2

b) Water fog


d) Dry chemical

Answer: b

82.To avoid pyrophoric oxidation reaction which equipment should be in good working condition

a) Deck seal

b) Cargo oil pump

c) Gas meter

d)Ig system

Answer: d

83.Solvent used in the deasphalting process



c) Butane

d) Hexane

Answer: a

84.The maximum allowable weight of a portable extinguisher is ______





Answer: b

85. ASTM Table 6-24-54A are for

a) Crude oil

b) Generalized products such as fuel,gasoline ,kerosene, naphtha

c) Lube oils

d)All of the above

Answer: a

86. What type of nozzle for fire hoses shall be used aboard ships

a)Duel purpose(Jet/spray)type incorporating shut off

b)Jet type

c) Duel purpose(Jet/spray)

d) Spray type

Answer: a

87. The low velocity fog applicator used in conjunction with the all purpose fire fighting nozzle should…..

a) Stored in the ca…… not in actual use

b) Attached to nozzle by the chain

c) Coated with heavy grease to prevent corrosion

d) Left in place in the all purpose nozzle

Answer: b

88. The state of change of stored pressure type dry chemical fire extinguisher can be readily determined by

a) Visual inspection of the pressure gauge

b)Weighing the cylinder

c) Removing the lid and checking the level of dry chemical

d) Weighing the CO2 cartridge

Answer: a

89.Pollution by tanker is

a)Only due to operational reasons

b) Only due to collision or grounding

c) Only due to accidental reasons

d) All of the above

Answer: d

90. Fixed foam monitors having a nozzle rotation angle of _________




d) 24

Answer: c

92.In the ship’s fire fighting installation should provide sufficient power for water jets to reach any part of the vessel normally accessible to the crew. How many jets should it cope with?

a) 2

b) 4

c) 3

d) 1

Answer: a

93. In the event of fire onboard what do you think is the primary consideration of the master ?

a)To liaise with the head office and shore authorities

b) To save the ship

c) To follow instructions as given in the emergency response manual

d) The safety of the crew

Answer: d

94. In a smoke filled alleyway where will the cleanest air be found and how should you proceed out?

a) Near to the deck, crawl out keeping your face as near to the deck as possible

b) Towards the upper part, stand as tall as possible and walk out

c) It will be the same in all parts , therefore I would just leave as quickly as possible

d) Sit and wait for the rescue party

Answer: a

95.On tankers two fire pumps are there producing 200m3/h at___ bar

a) 7

b) 8

c) 10

d) 12

96. In the event of cargo spillage which of following would be informed first

a)The clean up contractor

b) The agent

c) The ship owner

d) The port authority

Answer: d

97. Maximum loading rate and maximum venting capacity must be provided in cargo control room giving details of the rate for

a) Homogenous

b) Group by group

c) Tank wise loading

d) All of the above

Answer: d

98.The purpose of remotely controlled measuring of tank levels are to measure

a) Hight of bottom girders in the tanks

b) Height from bottom shell to top stringers in the tanks

c) Height of liquid in the tanks

d) Height from liquid surface to top stringers in the tanks

Answer: d

99. What is the minimum number of portable fire extinguishers that must be carried on ship of1000GT and above?

a) 3


c) 9

d 7

Answer: b

100.Information on number of tanks can be COW at one particular time is obtained from

a)Procedure and arrangement manual

b)Tanker operation manual

c) Stability manual

d) Crude oil washing manual

Answer: d

101. What class of fire is a smoldering fire of wool, textile ,paper and other carbonaceous materials?

a) Class A

b) D

c) C

d) B

Answer: a

102. During start of loading operation in tanker rate of loading to be at___

a) Maximum

b) Minimum

c) Moderate

d) As per terminal convenience

Answer: b

103.Why shall you never pour water into hot fat

a)The fat will stiffen immediately and need reheating

b) The water will explode into steam causing hot fat to be thrown fat  away thus possibly causing severe burns or fire

c)The water will turn into steam and cause the fat to explode

d) The fat will not be edible anymore

Answer: b

104.How to minimize staticelectric generation during loading operation

a)Load at maximum rate?

b) Load at minimum rate

c) As per chief officer

d)Master instructions

Answer: b

105. Should the oil monitor system fail in anyway i.e loss of power  loss of signal from the ship’s log out of monitor than the system must operation  !!!!


b) Wait for the signal to receive from ship’s log

c) Stop

d) Give only audible / visual alarm and continue

Answer: c

106. If a liquid is used as the driving medium the appliance is called an___


b)Stripping pump


d) Cargo pump

Answer: c

107. The ship can simultaneously discharge and ballast so as to avoid


b) Vapor emission atmosphere

c)Oil contamination

d) None of the above

Answer: d

108. Which of these statements explain how a vacuum is created by eductor

A rapidly moving stream of water passing through a nozzle

109.Annex 1 collection of residue tank washing and also oily mixture to be

a) Bilge tank

b) Sludge tank

c) Oily bilge tank

d) Slop tank

Answer: d

110. After loading high volatile and H2S cargo, person engaged in taking ullage of cargo tank should stand

a) Parallel to wind direction

b) Perpendicular to wind direction

c) Same direction from the wind is coming

d) Wait until wind speed becomes zero.

Answer: c

111.Following oil doesn’t require anti static precautions

a) Asphalts

b) Naphtha

c) Heavy gas oil

d) Jet fuels

Answer: a

112.The use of steam driven ejectors for ventilation of cargo tanks having flammable vapors in them is not recommended nowadays due to

a)It might cause burns to unwary person

b) It being not  a very effective system for tank ventilation

c) Steam at high velocities may generate static electricity which might cause incentive sparks

d) It is rather expensive to waste steam

Answer: c

113.______ tanker is a vessel of 150000-200000 dead weight


b) Panamax

c) Suesmax


Answer: c

114.What are duty officers provided with to check the quality of Inert gas

a) Portable oxygen analyser

b) A tank scope

c) A breathing apparatus to enter the tank

d) An explosive meter

Answer: b

115.All cargo pipe line should be tested to 100% maximum allowable working pressure atleast _____

a) Once in 4 months

b) Prior discharging operation

c) Annually

d) At dry dock

(If 150 % MWAP- Once in 2.5 years)

Answer: c

116. In the deck seal float switches should be _____and installed in the fore and aft plane

a) Plastic coated

b) Metal coated

c) Aluminium  coated

d) No coating

Answer: a

117.IG pressure of the cargo tank should be compared with ____

a) PV breaker value

b)Main line IG pressure gauge

c) Cargo manifold

d) Both a and b

Answer: a

118.As per mooring winch equipment guidelines brake test has to be carried out

a) Annually

b)6 Monthly

c) Bi annually

d) Every dry dock

Answer: a

119.Flammable gases are expected at the following locations onboard tankers

a) Cargo compartments,bridge, main deck, cargo control room

b) Cargo compartments, engine room , pump room

c)Cargo compartments, pump room and main deck

d) Galley , pump room and engine room

Answer: c

120. The open cup flash point much greater than closed cup flash point because

a) There is a great loss gas in open cup compared to close cup

b)No loss in gas and due to physical property of fuel

c) Closed cup the exposure of fuel is less

d) None of the above

Answer: a

121.Fixed dry powder system is used in

a) Oil tanker

b) Chemical tanker

c) Gas carrier

d) Bulk carrier

Answer: c

122.On tankers, the COW list states (among other thing) that during cow operations__________

a)the IG system should be in operation

b)the IG oxygen content must be below 4.5% in order to start or continue washing

c)the IG pressure is to be recorded prior to starting washing

d)the quality of the IG must be frequently checked and recorded

Answer: b

123.High IG temp alarm is at______

a)55 oC

b)65 oC

c)85 oC

d)75 Oc

Answer: b

124) During tank washing at undefined atmosphere the total water throw put per cargo tank should no case exceed _________m3/hr





Answer: b

125)COW to be suspended if one of the following criteria is full filled

a)cargo tank IG pressure is maintained above 500mm of water gauge

b)oxygen content of the tanks is less than 5% by vol

c)if IG pressure drops to less than 200mm of water gauge

d) IG system is running satisfactory

Answer: c

126)Flame detector can be used to monitor fire



Answer: a

127)Recharging a previously used cartridge-operated dry chemical fire extinguisher is accomplished by_

a)atomized fire equipment servicing personnel only

b)replacing the propellant cartridge and refilling it with pyrotechnic powder

c)puncturing the cartridge seal after installation

d)recharging the cartridge and then refilling it with powder

Answer: d

128)allow sufficient oxygen in the tanks to ******

a) a centrifugal pump

b)a reciprocating pump

c) a globe valve

d)an educator

129)one set of fire man out fit consists

a)protective clothing

b)electric safety lamp


d)all the above

Answer: d

130)TLV is an indication of how much of a toxic substance is applicable during working ____hrs day after day.





Answer: c

131)According to the regulation in force ,one of the following stripping devices is a demand on an oil tanker. Which one?

a)stripping pump

b)not any particular


d)vacuum strip

Answer: b

132)Prior to starting the cargo pumps for discharge of cargo it must be ensured that

a)the pump room pipeing is inerted

b)the inert gas plant is running on stand by

c)the inert gas plant is ready for start up

d)all ballast tanks are inerted

Answer: b

134)Class C fire division will be constructed with non combustible with exception that combustible requirement



Answer: a

135) what is the pumping capacity depending on

A)suction pressure

b)liquid temp

c)liquid viscosity

d)total pressure head

Answer: d

136) which are checks to be carried out prior entering  discharge port

a)tank pressure control

b)ullage measurement

c)preparation of IG and scrubber pump

d)all the above

Answer: d

137) PV breaker should not be set to a ____pressure than that of the secondary vent


b)equql to


d)equal to or higher

Answer: c

138) the butterfly valves and the non return valve are to be kept open ,should be kept




d)none of the above

Answer: a

139) hand feel the scrubber IG ,if it is not cold,what is the problem


b)no flow of sea water

c)sprayer nozzle problem

d)none of the above

Answer: a

140)LOF became convention in year 1989



Answer: a

141) depending upon the efficiency of the scrubber the _____content may be reduced to about 0.0055% by vol





Answer: c

142) most of the IG system prefers the blower gas inlet is ___  the scrubber tower




d)none of the above

Answer: a

143) during darkness the vessels bow should permit an effective visual watch to be maintained on the

a)near anchor

b)on mooring point

c)on forcastle deck

d)all the above

Answer: d

144) if the mixing method is used in gas freeing ,the inlet air should have an inlet speed sufficient to force the air jet down to the both

a) (30-50 m/sec)

b) (20-30 m/sec)

c) (30-40 m/sec)

d) (50-60 m/sec)

145) you may improve a vessel’s stability by

a)keeping the fuel tank topped off

b)increasing the free surface effect

c)keeping the fuel tanks at least half full

d)keeping at least one fuel tank empty for slops

Answer: a

146) Roll method of rolling the fire hose as follows: Hose is laid flat on ground start rolling with male end till female end is reached



Answer: a

147) the safe and effective use of the face piece of a demand type SCBA is directly influenced by

a)the donning of the face piece

b)the stowing of the face piece

c)the maintenance of the face piece

d)all the above

Answer: d

148) as per SOLAS min no of fireman outfit for vessel between 2500-4000 GT





Answer: c

149) in IG, the mass of the water vapour contained in a given volume of saturated gas depends on the ____of the gas





Answer: a

150) the minimum oxygen required for combustion





Answer: b

151) oxygen content in the IG in the inert gas supply mains comes on the

a)discharge side of the IG blowers

b)suction side of the IG blowers


d)IG line on deck

Answer: a

152)_______take place if a liquid drops in temp below its freezing point without freezing

a)super heating

b)super cooling

c)super charging

d)none of the above

Answer: b

153) prior taking heavy weather ballast in designed cargo tanks______ should be carried out every time


b)tank cleaning

c)partially loaded

d)kept full empty

Answer: b

154)to start _____, the IG has to be started and tanks purged to a pressure of 300-600mm Hg

a)ballast voyage

b)loaded voyage

c)both a and b

d) none of the above

Answer: c

155) All cargo pipelines should be tested to 1.5 times their rated working pressure at least ___in 5 yr period





Answer: b

156) Discharge of ballast can be done

a)before loading

b)after loading

c)during loading

d)both a and c

Answer: d

157)you have ordered to load a cargo of API gravity 10.0.The gravity of this cargo is ______

a)heavier than fresh water

b)the same as fresh water

c)lighter than fresh water

d)the same as sea water

Answer: b

158) One of the following information is not required in loading plan

A)ship tanks to be loaded

b)trim and drafts of the tank

c)number of cargo pumps to be used

d)max loading rate and min loading rate

Answer: c

159) The deck seal water supply line on the deck should be fitted with _____lines to prevent freezing



c)hot water

d)any of the above

Answer: c

160) Number of fire pump required for cargo ships below 1000 Gt-at least two power driven,one of which shall be independently driven



Answer: a

161) The opening of P/V mast riser is to

a)allow free flow of inert gas

b)allow the inert gas to pressurize the line

c) both a and b

c) none of the above

162)What does Code A stands in ship shore safety checklist




Answer: a

163) When the tank have been purged and the concentration of hydrocarbon gas has been checked to be below about ___% by vol





Answer: a

164) Where can ship’s officers find information about the ship’s fire protection arrangements ,fire detection and extinguisher

a)in permanently exhibited fire plan

b) in permanently exhibited muster list

c)in the wheel house

d)in a special instruction folder at all fire control stations

Answer: a

165) What is the highest permitted back pressure for the cargo pump when it is tested?

a)18 bar

b)1.25 times the max working pressure

c)5 bar

d)25 bar

Answer: b

166) Approval of Hot work inside cargo tanks can be issued after

a) no flammable gas present at work site and oxygen content is 11%

b)adjacent compartment HC atmosphere is 15% vol

c)No flammable gas present at work site and oxygen content is 18%

d) HC content is 1 LEL and oxygen content is 21%

Answer: d

167) Tank washing should be carried out only ___at a time





Answer: a

168) The flammable limit of methane by vol is % to %,if the combustible gas indicator reading is  % when sampling a compartment containing methane flammable vapor concentration at the sample point is

a)0.5% by vol

b)2.5% by vol

c)7.5% by vol

d)50% by vol

Answer: c

169) An overdose of toxic petroleum vapour affects your sense of smell by____

a)Improving it permanently

b)improving it temporary

c)taking it away completely

d)reducing it temporary

Answer: d

170) How can you be assured that the inert gas analyzer will give the correct reading of the oxygen content of the inert gas

a)A zero setting knob activates a ‘Wheatstone bridge ‘with a calibrated resistor in order to compare.

b)the instrument is calibrated every year in the presence of the Classification surveyor.

c)The instrument is calibrated with fresh air 3 months and should indicate 21 % oxygen in fresh air

d) the instrument is calibrated with nitrogen holding 3% oxygen (grey colour test bottle)


171) In scrubber,the sub-micron particles of _____move randomly is a gas stream and must be

a)less than 1/100th of a mm

b)less than 1/10th of a mm

c)less than 1/1000th of mm

d) less than 1 mm

Answer: c

172) On tanker how many break glass alarm points are located in the engine room





173) Cargo tank lids or coamings should be clearly marked with


b)number and location of space they serve

c)group color coding


Answer: b

174) During loaded passage a minimum positive pressure of ______mmWg of inert gas





Answer: b

175) Minimum duration the water mist system is operated to suppress fire

a)30 min

b)20 min

c)40 min

d)60 min

Answer: a

176) The power of a mooring winch to heave in or put a load on its mooring rope or wire is _____

a)mooring winch design capacity

b)mooring power

c)design power

d)break holding power

Answer: d

177) A person manning a fire hose under pressure with an all purpose nozzle attached. Should ******the position is changed from

a)solid stream to fog

b)shut to solid stream

c)low velocity to high velocity fog

d)fog to shut

179) As per Mooring equipment guidelines Expand LDBF

Line Design Break Force

180)During tank washing ,the recirculation of water is

a)Not permitted


c)depends on the cargo

d) none of the above

Answer: a

181) If a bonding cable is connected by the terminal when joining a manifold for cargo operation

a)you should not commence cargo operations

b)you should use an oxygen analyzer at all the time

c)you should insert an insulating flange or single length of non conducting hose

d)you should use an international shore connection

Answer: c

182) Which type of valves are fitted as discharge  valve on the inert gas blower fans?

a) Manually  butterfly valves

b) Automatic  gate valves

c) Automatic  butterfly valves

d) Manually  gate valves

Answer: c

183) COW system and its operations are found to be in accordance with those specifications will be issued with ____certificate





Answer: a

184) Cargo pump rooms shall be provided with a fixed fire extinguishing system which of the following system is not in accordance with the present SOLAS  regulation

a)Fixed gas fire extinguishing system

b)Fixed powder fire extinguishing system

c)water spraying extinguishing system

d)high expansion foam extinguishing system

185) The total CO flooding system gas to be discharged within min is





Answer: d

186) The buildup of wet solids on the IG Blower impeller blade tips indicates


b)deck seal


d)none of the above

Answer: c

187) The planned water consumption system has been use for large foam monitor at ___m/hr





188)______ a ship constructed for the carriage in bulk of any liquid product listed in chapter 17 of IBC code

a) chemical tanker

b)product tanker

c)crude oil carrier

d)gas tanker

Answer: a

189)Flue gases are used directly by inserting



Answer: b

190)When all the tanks inert  satisfactorily, the tanks should be put under a sight glass

a)300-600 mm WG

b)300-400 mm WG

c)500-700 mm WG

d)700-800 mm WG

Answer: d

191) Carbon monoxide(co) may typically be present in a concentration of about __by vol in inert gas corresponding to __ppm

a)1%   150

b)0.01%  100

c)3%   250

d)2%   300

Answer: b

192) While fighting a fire, in order to utilize two hoses from a single “wye” gate attached to a hydrant ,you need on

a)At the base of the “Y” in either direction

b) At the base of the “Y” counter clockwise 180 o

c)on each leg of the “Y”90 o

d) on each leg of the “Y”180 o

Answer: c

193) How can we maintain NPSH

a) by controlling the liquid flow

b) by increasing pump rpm

c)by controlling the liquid temp

d) by reducing vapor pressure

Answer: c

194) which tanker has the simplest piping arrangement

a) ore/oil carrier

b)product tanker

c)crude oil tanker

d)gas carrier

Answer: c

195) What is the minimal information to be available at the Central control station

a)fire detection panel

b)fire door status

c)total flooding system status

d)none of the above

Answer: a

196) What is the advantages of having a steam turbine driven inert gas fan on a tanker fitted with an auxiliary

a)A steam driven turbine fan does not easily trip when there is a malfunction on the inert gas plant

b)a steam turbine fan is less costly to maintain and more easy to operate

c)a steam turbine driven fan create initial load on the boiler facilitating the inert gas production

d)A steam turbine fan can give higher speeds

Answer: c

197) What is the maximum allowable suction head for fire pump

a)3 m

b)1.5 m

c)9 m

d)4.5 m

Answer: d

199) The frequency of pressure testing ashore of SCBA sets should as a min be every

a)10 yr

b)6 yr

c)5 yr

d)15 yr

Answer: c

200) What is the use of IGS interlock switch in inert gas system

a)To avoid running inert gas when oxygen content increase to 8% vol

b) for using inert gas in Gas free mode

c)If the tank pressure in IGS system drops to  100mm of water gauge ****

d) atmosphere valve will get fully  open if oxygen content increases to 8%

Answer: d

201) What are the additional requirements on tankers for safety?

a)Fixed fire fighting system

b)deluge system

c)sprinkler system on life boat

d) emergency towing arrangement

Answer: c

202)What is the meaning of abbreviation ABC due to first aid?


203)To start the loaded voyage with positive pressure in the tank, the IG system has to be started and tanks purged to a pressure of_____





204) in accommodation the automatic sprinklers shall come into operation within the temp range of





Answer: d

205) fire drill includes

a)operating co2 system

b)location of different fire extinguishers

c)how to operate them

d)both b and c

Answer: d

206) on many modern tankers, which of the following devices is used to reduce cargo pump leakage in the pump room bilge?

a)finger rings

b)shaft sleeves

c)clapper seal

d)mechanical seal

Answer: d

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