Tolani Maritime Institute (TMI)  is located in Pune , near Mumbai. This Institute is owned by shipping company Tolani Maritime. Tolani Maritime is India‚Äôs reputed shipping company, however it is NOT among the best companies.

This company has few ships in their fleet and most of them trade worldwide. If you join Tolani Maritime Institute (TMI) then after passing they try to accommodate candidates in their own shipping company in case candidate does not get job in other shipping companies. Many other Multinational Shipping companies also visit this institute for campus selection. Therefore doing a course from Tolani Maritime Institute (TMI) is very good for your future career.

Approval :

Tolani Maritime Institute (TMI) is approved by Director General of Shipping of India and is affiliated to Indian Maritime University.

Courses Available:

Tolani Maritime Institute (TMI) conducts following courses for the freshers to join Merchant Navy at different ranks.

  1. Diploma in Nautical Science (DNS)
  2. B.Sc. in Nautical Science
  3. B.Tech. in Marine Engineering
  4. Electro Technical Officer (ETO)
  5. Lateral Entry Program for admission in 2nd year of B.Tech (Marine)


Tolani Maritime Institute (TMI) provides in-house courses, so every student has to stay on campus. Training and hostel infrastructure is at par with any world class university. Workshops and training machineries are modern and as per latest requirements. The hostel is very good. Hostel facilities are at par with any resort. College provides world class facilities in the college as well as in the hotel areas. There is a mess room for meals, and all meals are cooked in the mess. The quality of the food served to the students is the best. You have to pay a higher price for the course, lodging and boarding, but it is worth for the money paid.

Discipline in the institute is very strict. Therefor be prepared for a strict college life.


Teachers in the Tolani Maritime Institute (TMI) are experienced Captains and Chief Engineers from the Merchant Navy. They provide you with the knowledge to the best of their abilities. Under their able guidance students get very good knowledge and experience. The course curriculum is relevant, and it is more than enough for you to learn about all the jobs that you will have to perform on ships. Practical training is also part of curriculum which prepares you for shipboard jobs.

Job Placement:

Tolani Maritime Institute (TMI) only takes in sponsored students for Diploma in Nautical Science (DNS) & Electro Technical Officer (ETO) course, so all the students get placed after completing the course. For other courses many top Multinational Shipping companies visit for campus selection. Therefore most of the candidates get placed in these shipping companies. However if some are left, Tolani Shipping tries to accommodate them in their own company. Therefore getting aa job from Tolani Maritime Institute (TMI) is not difficult. Almost all candidates are placed in good companies.

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