For centuries Merchant Navy was considered as the men’s only profession. But in last three decades this myth has been broken as many girls have join Merchant Navy.
Today there are lots of opportunities for the girls in shipping industry. Girls are joining in Merchant Navy in navigating department and becoming Captain of the ship. Also they are joining in Engine department as well and are becoming Chief Engineer of the ship. They have lots of opportunities worldwide in office job also after getting good experience on ships either as Captain or as Chief Engineer of the merchant navy ship.
Therefore there are equal opportunities for the girls to join Merchant Navy and rise in this glorious career.

Which Rank and Departments girls should join in Merchant Navy?

There are three departments in Merchant Navy:

  1. Deck Department
  2. Engine Department
  3. Galley / Catering Department
In every department there are Two categories of Job:
  1. Officers Category
  2. Crew / Non-Officers category
In the present situation and based on work profile & working culture, Girls can join ANY department in OFFICER Category.
Non-Officer category or Crew category is NOT SUITABLE for girls. In future things may improve and girls may join crew category job as well. But presently NO Indian Females are working in Crew category.
In officer category girls can join in the following ranks and departments

1. Navigating or Deck Department

For the female students the BEST career opportunities are on the the Navigating department or Deck department. In Navigating / Deck department students can join as Deck Cadet which is the starting rank in navigating department in Merchant Navy. By promotions candidate can become Captain of the ship after starting her career as Deck Cadet.

2. Engine Department

Becoming a Marine engineer on merchant navy ships is also a very prestigious and reputed job. Although the working conditions of engine department are tougher than Deck department, however if you love Technology and machinery then Engine department on merchant navy also provides you a very good platform and career opportunities.
Female candidate can join engine department as Trainee Marine Engineer or Trainee Electro Technical Officer.
If you join as Trainee Marine engineer then you have an opportunity to become Chief Engineer of the ship and later on you can join any shipping company worldwide as technical superintendent in their office.
Electro Technical Officer also provides good opportunity for the girls but the disadvantage of Electro Technical Officer is that they don’t get any promotion. Whole life they have to work on this rank only.

3. Galley / Catering Department

Galley or Catering department doesn’t offer much opportunities for the the girls in Merchant Navy.
There are two types of ships
  1.  Cargo Ships
  2. Passenger ships / Cruise Ships
There is no officer category job in catering department, therefore for ladies cargo ships are not suitable in catering department.
But Passenger ship or Cruise Liners provide lots of opportunities for the girls in Catering and Hospitality department. So if a female candidate is interested to join Merchant Navy in catering department then she should go for the Cruise Liners or passenger ships. Cargo Ships are not suitable for ladies in catering department.

How are Career opportunities & Growth for Girls in Merchant Navy?

International Maritime organisation (IMO) and Ministry of Shipping of India are continuously trying to increase the number of girls in Merchant Navy. Many Top shipping companies like Anglo Eastern, Synergy Maritime, Executive Ship Management, Fleet Management Limited etc. are also responding to the call of International Maritime Organisation and are trying to increase the number of females seafarers in their company.
Because of all these efforts the demand of female seafarers has increased and girls have very Good career opportunities in Merchant Navy, not only on shipboard jobs but companies are also giving preference to the girls in their office jobs.
Therefore female candidates have very Good career opportunities and career growth in Merchant Navy. Girls who are willing to to make sparkling career in Merchant Navy must give it a try.

Safety and Privacy issues on Ships for Girls.

There are some concerns about safety and privacy of girls on ships. But these types of concerns are baseless.
On merchant navy ships female officers are provided with separate cabin with attached bathroom. There are absolutely no safety issues for the girls on ships. There are lots of female candidate already serving on merchant navy ships at different ranks. But till date not in a single issue related to their safety has come up.
Therefore without any hesitation girls can join this profession proudly.

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