What is Electro Technical Officer (E.T.O.) on Merchant Navy Ships?

On merchant navy ships there are many electrical electronics and automation systems senior rank engineer officer is required to live after the maintenance and the health of is technical systems officer on ship looks after election electronics and automation is called electro technical officer

As the electronic system and automation is increasing on merchant navy ships, the job of Electro technical officer demands very high skills.

Job Profile of Electro Technical Officer (E.T.O.) on ship.

Along with the work of maintaining Electrical system on ships, following jobs are performed by the Electro Technical Officer (E.T.O.)

  1. Maintenance of Electrical Generators.
  2. Maintenance of Power Distribution System.
  3. Maintenance of Electrical Motors & Machineries.
  4. Maintenance and Operation of electronics system.
  5. Maintenance and Operation of ship’s communication system.
  6. Maintenance and Operation of different batteries on ship.
  7. Maintenance of Ship’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning system.
  8. Maintenance and checking of ship’s lighting and emergency lighting system.
  9. Maintenance and Operation of Ship’s Radar and GPS system.
  10. In all other machineries E.T.O. has to look after Electrical and Automation part.

With this job profile and work responsibilities you can understand that role of electro technical officer is very crucial and important.

With increase in electronics and automation the requirement of good Electro Technical Officer (E.T.O.)  in Merchant Navy is constantly increasing.

Salary of Electro Technical Officer (E.T.O.)

After completion of training in a training institute  approved by Government of India candidate join Merchant Navy ship as trainee electro technical officer.
After one or two contract and getting some experience candidate is promoted to the rank of Electro Technical Officer (E.T.O).
Salary of Trainee Electro Technical Officer (E.T.O.) – 500 to 1000 US Dollars per month.
Salary of Electro Technical Officer (E.T.O.) – Upto 5000 US Dollars per month.

Who can become Electro Technical Officer (E.T.O.) ?

If the candidate meets the above eligibility criteria he has to do a special course which is of 4 months duration. This course is called Electro Technical Officer Course. It is a special ship oriented training given to the the candidate.
There are many institutes which provide this training. Candidate can select any institute of his choice to complete the training. But candidate has to be very careful while selecting the institute. The institute must be approved by Government of India or Director General of Shipping.

List of Top Institutes for E.T.O. Course.

  1. Anglo Eastern Maritime Academy
  2. Samundra Institute of maritime studies
  3. Great eastern Institute of maritime studies
  4. Maritime Training Institute Mumbai
  5. Tolani Maritime Institute Pune

There are many other institutes approved by Govt. of India. Full list can be checked on GOI website www.dgshipping.gov.in

Advantages of  Electro Technical Officer (E.T.O.) Job on Ship.

  1.  Electro Technical Officer (E.T.O.) is a senior rank respectable job.
  2. In the rank hierarchy on ship,  Electro Technical Officer (E.T.O.) comes at no. 5 after Captain, Chief Engineer, Chief Officer and Second Engineer.
  3.  Electro Technical Officer (E.T.O.) gets a good salary of 5000 USD per month.
  4. Due to increase in Automation & Electronics systems, demand of good  Electro Technical Officer (E.T.O.) is increasing.
  5. Work load on  Electro Technical Officer (E.T.O.) is relatively less.

Disdvantages of  Electro Technical Officer (E.T.O.) Job on Ship.

  1. Electro Technical Officer (E.T.O.) does not get any promotions in future. His salary also does not increase much. ETO has to serve on the same Rank and Salary, through out his shipping career.
  2. There are very less Shore / Office job opportunities in the future for Electro Technical Officer (E.T.O.)
  3. Electro Technical Officer (E.T.O.) generally doesnt get shorter contracts. He has to work for 6 months contract period.
  4. In most of the companies, Family carriage facility is not available for Electro Technical Officer (E.T.O.)

Based on above information candidate can easily decide about shipping career and take a wise decision accordingly.

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