If you are appearing for company sponsorship examination for Diploma in Nautical Science course then in the selection process you have to cross three steps.

  1.  Written examination
  2. Psychometric Personality Test
  3. Interview

Interview is the final and most important step in your goal to get job security from a reputed multinational shipping company. Therefore it becomes very important to take interview very seriously if you want to start your dream career in Merchant Navy with the reputed multinational shipping company.

Why Interview is so important?

Merchant Navy is a very different type of profession. Life on ship, job profile and working conditions are are totally different than any office job at land. Therefore for the candidate willing to join Merchant Navy behavior and attitude are equally important as to knowledge and talent. If a very talented candidate does not have the right attitude and personality then he cannot survive on merchant navy ships.

That is why all top institutes and reputed multinational shipping companies want to check knowledge, talent as well as behavior and personality of the candidate. The subject knowledge has already been checked during the written examination and to check the behavior and personality interview is the the only process. That is why interview becomes so important for Diploma in Nautical Science course companies sponsorship examination.

What is asked during Merchant Navy Interview?

 Diploma in Nautical Science course companies sponsorship examination interview can be divided into two parts:
  1. Personality Part
  2. Academics Part

Personality Part:

Personality part of Diploma in Nautical Science course interview is most important. In this round personality, behavior and attitude of the candidate is judged by Merchant Navy professionals, mostly Captain and Chief engineers who are taking interview.
This part of the interview starts from the time you are waiting for your turn in the waiting room. How is your body language during the waiting time, how you enter the room when your time comes, what type of dress you are wearing, how are your etiquettes and manners when you enter the interview room, how the candidate greets the interviewers, your body language, your appearance, everything is noticed and is very important.
 During the process of interview the communication skills of the candidate are checked, by questions and cross questions Captain and chief engineer try to know weather the personality and behavior of the candidate suites The Merchant Navy requirement or not.
Some very common questions which are asked:
  • Why do you want to join Merchant Navy?
  • Why do you want to join our company?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • About your family background.
  • How much you know about merchant navy?
  • Do you have any other idea about your job profile on board ship?
  • How you will survive on ship without family and friends?
  • etc.
Candidate must understand that these are very common questions and are asked to almost every candidate. How smartly and confidently you answer the questions that makes a difference. That is why good preparation is very much required to get yourself noticed in this round. Your confidence and different type of answers will ensure your selection.

Academic Part:

In the subject knowledge part very easy questions are asked because your subject knowledge has already been checked during written examination. Most of the questions are asked from Physics and Geography. Questions from Mathematics and Chemistry are rarely asked. In geography part you must know things related to shipping industry.
For example:
  • What is the difference between Seas and oceans?
  • how many oceans are there?
  • what is Panama Canal?
  • what is Suez Canal?
  • How many continents are there?
  • What are Major ports of India?
  • What is Sagarmala project?
  • Who is the shipping Minister of India?
  • What is equator?
  • What are poles?
  • What is longitude?
  • what is latitude?
  • ETC.

How to Prepare for Interview?

You must have understood the importance of interview for Diploma in Nautical Science companies sponsorship exam interview. Going for an interview without preparation can be reason for rejection event for talented students. Therefore you must do some preparation for the interview.
There are many online platforms available where you can start preparing for diploma in nautical science interview.
Marine Republic also provides interview online preparation under the guidance of Merchant Navy Captain and Chief Engineer at a very low cost. you can contact our helpline number 9875305872 or you can visit our education portal www.marinerepublicacaemy.com

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