B.Tech ( Marine Engineering ) and Graduate Marine Engineer (G.M.E.) course students have to appear for Shipping Companies’ examination in order to secure a good job. Due to oversupply of Trainee Marine Engineers and shortage of jobs, cadets are finding it difficult to secure job in good Shipping Companies. Therefore to beat the competition it is extremely important to  perform well during Companies’  examination. Remember you have to leave other cadets BEHIND in order to secure a job.

Shipping Companies’ examinations are generally in 3 parts:

1. Written Examination ( MCQ types ) – Questions are asked from various topics which you have studied during your training. Important topics are :

  • Marpol
  • Safety on Ship & Safe working practices.
  • Emergency Preparedness.
  • Internal Combustion Engines.
  • Marine Auxiliaries.
  • Ship Construction.
  • Marine Boilers.
  • Pumps
  • Oily Water Separator
  • Sewage System
  • Purifiers & Separators
  • Bunkering Procedure
  • Watch keeping duties
  • Basic Electrical.
  • Overhauling of different machinery

2. Psychometric Test – It is conducted to check your personality. Very simple behavior based questions are asked. But many a times psychometric test is the reason for rejection.

3. Interview – It is the final step of selection procedure. Remember during interview questions are mainly asked to check your personality and practical aspects of engineering knowledge. Questions are asked from your project as well as from technical paper which you have presented during your training.

It is very important to prepare well for these examinations so that you can perform better than other candidates.

Be very careful, if you do not get job by passing these exams, then it is very difficult to get a job with the help of agents.

You can contact Marine Republic at whatsapp / Signal 9875305872 for comprehensive preparation for Shipping companies’ examinations.

Advantages of Marine Republic Interview Preparation Guide:

  • Course Material is prepared by Experienced Chief Engineers.
  • Very selected MCQs for written examination.
  • Pre – recorded Video lectures on Important Topics.
  • Live interactive sessions  Chief Engineers.
  • Psychometric Test Series with analysis report to give you an idea of this test.
  • All the material is provided online so that you can study during your course.
  • Very affordable cost of 2499 Rs. ONLY.

For more information contact us at 9875305872.

This package will be useful for following companies:

  • Anglo Eastern
  • Fleet Management
  • MSC Shipping
  • Synergy Maritime
  • V. Ships India
  • MMS Maritime
  • TORM Shipping
  • VR Maritime
  • Wallem Ship Management
  • Bernhard Schulte
  • MSI Shipping
  • Great Eastern Shipping
  • Mitsui OSK Lines
  • NYK Ship Management
  • Seaspan
  • Thome ship Management
  • Scorpio Shipping
  • Dynacom Tankers
  • MTM Ship Management
  • Dockendale ShipManagement
And many other shipping companies. It includes CBT test of these companies as well.

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