Candidates who have completed either 4 year Engineering degree or 3 years Diploma course in Electrical or Electrical and Electronics can join Merchant Navy as Electro Technical Officer (ETO).
What is electro technical officer in the Merchant Navy?
Electro Technical Officer (ETO) is a senior rank engineer on Merchant Navy ships. There are many electrical and electronics system and machineries on ships. The work of Electro Technical Officer is to look after those machineries and do their maintenance.
Electro Technical Officer (ETO) is considered as a Senior Engineer on Merchant Navy ships. He works under the supervision of Chief Engineer. As machineries on ships are very complicated, very skilled Electro Technical Officer is required on ship  to look after these machineries. Therefore Electro Technical Officers are highly paid and widely respected.
Career as Electro Technical Officer (ETO)
As the electrical systems and automation is increasing on ships, the demand of Electro Technical Officer is also increasing. In the starting you join ship as a Trainee Electro Technical Officer or Trainee Electrical Engineer and after promotion you become Electro Technical Officer or  Electrical Engineer within one year’s time . After that there are no promotions and you can continue at this rank till your retirement
Salary of Trainee Electro Technical Officer – 500 Dollars
Salary of Electro Technical Officer – 5000 Dollars


How to Join as Electro Technical Officer?
To join Merchant Navy as Electro Technical Officer you have to do a five months course which is called ETO course.
After completion of this course you will be posted as TRAINEE Electro Technical Officer on ships.


Required Educational qualification :
  1. 10 + 2 Pass with Physics Chemistry and Mathematics as separate subjects and minimum 50% marks in English either in class 10th or in class 12th.
  2. Passed three years’ Diploma with 60% marks  OR 4 year’s Degree including lateral entry, with 50% marks.
in Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunication / Communication Engineering, or Electronics and Instrumentation or equivalent.
Maximum Age : 35 Years
Course Fees : 3 Lakhs to 5 Lakhs
Best institutes to do Electro Technical Officer course
Before selecting an institute to do the Electro Technical Course you must take care of two very important things. Otherwise you may fall in the trap of fake institutes and fake companies.
  1. Institute must be approved by the Government of India that is by the Director General of Shipping. Never do the course which is not approved by the Director General of Shipping of India
  2. Before taking admission check the job placement record of that Institute, otherwise after completion of course you will not get a job. Therefore select the institute which provides 100% campus placement.
Institutes providing 100% campus placement
  1. Anglo Eastern Maritime Academy Mumbai
  2. Samundra Institute of maritime studies Lonavala
  3. Great eastern Institute of maritime studies Mumbai
  4. Tolani Maritime Institute Pune
These are the best institutes conducting Electro Technical Officer course. To take admission in these Institutes you have to apply directly to these institutes via their website and you have to clear their entrance exam.
 There are some other institutes also which are approved by the Director General of Shipping but their campus placement record is not very impressive, that is why we do not recommend.
Entrance exam for Electro Technical Officer course of top institutes
Entrance exam of these top institute for Electro Technical Officer course is in three parts
  1. Online written exam
    1. English
    2. General Aptitude
    3. Reasoning
    4. Electricals & Electronics
  2. Psychometric personality test
  3. Interview
How to prepare for entrance exam of Electro technical officer
  1. For online Computer Based exam the syllabus is huge and covers almost full electrical engineering. Therefore it is advisable to get previous year question bank or sample questions. Based on these sample questions preparation can be done.
  2. Psychometric personality test is very important and most of the candidates fail in this exam. It is a different type of exam that is why you need to practice this test to get crack it.
  3. For interview also you need to prepare separately because interview is mostly practical based. So try to get some practical knowledge which is important on merchant navy ships.
Prepare for ETO course under Merchant Navy Electro Technical Officers. You can whatsapp Marine Republic at 9875 305 872.  We provide online preparation of written exam, psychometric personality test and interview. You can prepare from your home at very cheap price.

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