Company Sponsorship in Merchant Navy
Company Sponsorship means a “GUARANTEE OF PROVIDING JOB” by the shipping company to the candidates after they finish their studies. It means you have been selected by the shipping company and upon completion of your Merchant Navy course you will get job in that company. Your job is secured even before you start doing the course.
Why sponsorship is required ?
Due to present job situation in the market it is very difficult to get a job in shipping companies after completion of your Merchant Navy course. Merchant navy courses are costly and are useful only in shipping industry. These courses are of no use in any other Industry. Therefore if you don’t get job after completion of your course, your money and time both get wasted.
Therefore you MUST try to get sponsorship before taking admission in Merchant Navy course, so that your job is secured.

Sponsorship means you will be given job in that company after completion of your Course, but COURSE FEE you have to pay.

For which courses you can get sponsorship ?
§  Diploma in Nautical Science ( DNS )
§  B.Sc. in Nautical Science
§  B.Tech in Marine Engineering
§  Graduate Marine Engineering ( GME )
§  Electro Technical Officer ( ETO )
Advantages of Company Sponsorship
Ø  Job Security
Ø  Easy sanction of Education Loans – Sponsorship letter helps you in availing Education Loans from many banks very easily.
How to apply for Company Sponsorship?
There are many Foreign and Indian shipping companies which provide sponsorship to candidates willing to join Merchant Navy. For that purpose you have to approach those shipping companies and apply for the sponsorship.

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All companies shortlist candidates based on their academic performance for sponsorship. Shortlisted candidates have to appear for ONLINE selection exam which is in two parts :
1.             1. Written Test of Physics, Chemistry, Maths, English & General Aptitude.
2.             2. Psychometric Test & Interview.
Successful candidates get the sponsorship from the company. Candidate himself has to bear all his educational expenses, but after completion of their course they get a job in the same sponsoring company.
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How to know about sponsorship forms?
You have to check website of individual companies to know about their requirement. Generally requirements come up twice in a year, in the month of September and in April. It is very difficult to keep a track of all the companies. You can take help of consultants who will keep you informed about the forms for very minimum charges.

It is very important to get sponsorship if you want to make a career in Merchant Navy. You should prepare properly to get selected.

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