Diploma in Nautical Science Course (DNS) &  B.Sc. in Nautical Science, both are the courses to join Merchant Navy as Deck Cadet in Deck Department.
In this article we will tell you what the difference is and which one is better to do.
Diploma in Nautical Science (DNS) is a one year course and B.Sc. in Nautical Science is a 3 Years course, which you can do after passing 10+2 with Physics, Mathematics & Chemistry as subjects. After doing any of the course you will be posted as Deck Cadet in Merchant Navy.
Following are key highlights:

  • DNS is 1 year course & B.Sc. is a 3 years course.
  • Diploma of DNS candidates will be upgraded to B.Sc. degree after some work experience.
  • After doing both the courses you will get same rank of Deck Cadet in Merchant Navy
  • For promotion in Merchant Navy you have to give 2nd Mate exam conducted by government of India.  If you have done DNS then you require 18 months work experience as Deck cadet to appear for this exam. But if you have done B.Sc. then you require only 12 months work experience to appear for this exam.
  • Additionally B.Sc. candidates have to give only oral test for 2nd Mate examination. But DNS candidates have to appear for written and oral tests both.

Which is better, DNS or B.Sc ?

If you want to work in Merchant Navy or related field throughout your life then Diploma in Nautical science course is better as there is no much difference in both the courses. On the other hand you spend less money and less time in studying in college. Rather you get more opportunity to get work experience. DNS candidates pay college fees only for one year and after that they start earning. B.Sc. candidates have to study for 3 years in the college.
B.Sc. candidates have other advantages. Their B.Sc. degree is recognized everywhere, so they can easily opt for higher studies or even they can switch their career by doing some other management related course.
DNS candidates also get their B.Sc. degree after some work experience, but it is not recognized by many universities and competitions as it is not a REGULAR degree. DNS candidates face lots of difficulties in switching their career or doing higher studies.
Based on above analysis you can decide what is better for you. It is totally candidate’s choice.

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