Prepare directly under Merchant Navy Captain and Chief Engineer.

Competition in Merchant Navy has become very tough as millions of students are opting for this lucrative career.

Selection in any shipping company depends upon your performance in their Interview. These interviews are shipping industry specific where companies judge your knowledge and personality . Therefore if you have good knowledge about Merchant Navy and nature of shipping Industry, it straight away gives you an edge above other candidates.

How much you know about Merchant Navy and Shipping Industry is defining criteria which makes you stand out in the competition.

Prepare with Marine Republic to get a sure shot selection in Merchant Navy interviews. 

We have following Interview preparation programs –

  • Online classes via video conferencing / Telephone by Captain and Chief Engineer of Merchant Navy. 
  •  One Personality Development class by grooming instructor.
  • Interview questions and relevant answers preparation.
  • Mock interview to judge your performance.
  • Performance comparison with many other candidates.
  • Fees for the program will be Rs. 999/- only.

Please  WhatsApp us on 9875305872 about your interest. Our team will get back to you and brief you about the full details of the program.

You can buy the package by paying the fees by Paytm at 9875305872 or you can pay by Debit / Credit cards by using below link :

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